Weight Loss & Weight Management

Are you one of the two-thirds of Australians who are struggling with their weight? We know the market is flooded with expensive weight loss products that simply don’t work, or just  aren’t viable to maintain long term (who wants to drink powdered shakes for the rest of their lives?)

Doctor led weight loss program, no fad dieting

At actIV infusion we offer a simple doctor-led program involving a once per day medication (taken in the comfort of your own home) which may help you lose excess weight and keep it off. It works in a number of ways, including by regulating your appetite so you feel less hungry yet remain satisfied, and by managing blood sugar levels to help avoid cravings.

Full refunds if you aren’t satisfied with the results

If you’re not satisfied with the results within the first month we will refund your money. To find out more about our program and whether it’s suitable for you, book in for your free consultation today with one of our doctors ($30 refundable deposit required to secure your booking).

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All weight loss programs should involve a healthy meal plan and increased physical activity.